What It Is

Artist Anthony Palocci Jr. loves painting the things around him.  When the focus is put on every day objects, they instantly have more character, and personality.  In “What it is”, Anthony's first solo exhibition out of college, he will reveal a glimpse of his life, through his beautiful interpretations of objects on canvas.  He observes his subjects in a very minimalistic perspective, that is both mesmerizing and familiar to the viewer.

Anthony's new body of work is an extension to his previous body of work, which revolved around studies of food and sleep.  Continually drawing things in his life that he likes to think about, he chooses which to zone in on and develops methods to paint them.   In regards to how he portrays his subject, “... it is through this process of identifying how an object exists in space and in light, that the feeling I am looking for in the work is expressed“. 

This past spring, Anthony graduated with a Masters from Pratt Institute in New York City, after earning an undergraduate degree in painting at Montserrat College of Art in 2009.  After working with mainly acrylic paint previously in his pieces, he now paints primarily with oil.  The fluidity of the medium lends well to his process of “coming back” to his paintings that he is working on.  He is inspired by the way he looks at life, zooming out from the detail to the big picture. 

The imagery that Anthony creates can be so simple, yet hold a lot of power and represent a greater unknown.  As the body of work compels the viewer to ask questions, Anthony believes that is exactly what art should do.   “Life can be ironic, depressing, or absurd, and it can quickly become fortuitous and exciting.  What is consistent is the environment and the things we interact with on a daily basis”.  Please join us to celebrate at the opening reception on Friday, February 8, 2013 at Lot F Gallery.


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