Tunnel Vision

Boston, MA – July 7, 2012 - Jamie O'Neill has always felt compelled to create bold, eye-catching images. In Tunnel Vision, opening July 13, 2012 at Lot F Gallery, O'Neill will show a new selection of train tunnel, freight train, and cityscape paintings. 

Drawing upon memories of painting trains in his youth, O'Neill conveys the impressive scale and saturated colors in his hyper-realistic paintings. The play of company logos and graffiti pieces on one canvas highlight the color relationships, and the variety of patterns, and textures found in both streamline worlds of graphic design and graffiti. O'Neill often paints seldom frequented urban areas. “There’s a certain kind of atmosphere that pervades into discarded, or out of reach places” says O’Neill. Using extended perspective and without figures, he creates his own hyper reality. O’Neill’s deep knowledge of his subject and acute attention to detail bring these paintings to life, evoking a sense of awe and passion.

Raised on Nantucket and the South Shore, Jamie O’Neill moved to Jamacia Plain in 1998. Spending the next ten years there, he earned his BFA from the Art Institute of Boston, and has shown at various locations around the city. After leaving Boston in 2008 he lived in San Francisco and then Brooklyn.  Jamie has recently returned to the area with his wife and son.


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