The Awakening

The title The Awakening 11-11-11 from my perspective relates to a synchronicity or alignment of time, knowledge of self and to the awakening of the G from within.  . Whether yin and yang, black and white, off and on, red and green, man and woman, love and fear,) or night and day, atom(Adam) and electron(Eve) I enjoy investigating the grey or neutral (neutron) space in between coalescing opposites..   This work embodies chaos and clarity balancing polarity bringing light to the idea, out of many we are one.

My images shouldn’t be taken in there literal context but more in terms of metaphysical symbolism instead.  Many recent recurring themes uses the Zebra as a symbol of my mixed ethnicity being black and white and the Libra Astrological sign which is the scales balancing two opposing forces. Just Like a referee with his arms up forming an 11 wearing black and white stripes there job is to balance two opposite sides or forces of dualities.
The recent uprisings across the planet for me symbolize a consciousness shift which I call the Awakening.

With spray paint I create the light spectrum merging out of black, white and grey colors as a metaphor relating to the spirit while the brush relates to the physical realm where my mark becomes my genetic signature and identity.  By combining these two characteristics I hope to create a new dialogue that merges science and spirituality



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