Same Old, Same Old

The Darkclouds started in Boston, sometime in late 2003. Being inspired by graffiti in general, and interested in new ways to display ones work, they became an icon deemed worthy of mass production. The first oddly painted sign was hung at Commonwealth and Brighton Avenues. The obsession was somewhat instantaneous. Since then, it gained momentum, exploding outward and increasing in style and in number. From Boston they moved to NYC and traveled around wherever and whenever possible. The image of the cloud has changed slightly over the years, but yea, not really all that much. The iconic form looms constantly over the scene while the shape, colors, size and surroundings of the cloud morph, and mutate.

The meaning behind the Darkclouds can be constructed by the passerby, (many believe they resemble brains, or other bulbous figures) but it was initially painted as an image representing the angst and general downtrodden shit that one goes through, trying to figure out the point of themselves... or something of that nature... didn't really know that at the time. The concept was formed and became clear over time as more clouds were produced. Overall, they were a bi-product of a pissed off friend, an angst ridden individual, hellbent on pain and suffering... but an inspiring one. 

Other than its an engaging and super fun image to paint, the clouds were a way to use an incredible amount of energy previously detained and invest it into a serious habit. Thousands of hand painted stickers, numerous signs and other discarded scraps have been affixed in the states and around the world. The challenge to create and deploy as many as possible soon became the driving force behind the project. A constant visual reminder of the things in life that you just can't escape. But, for many, simply a quick aesthetic stimuli and a game to find as many as you can.

The showing of the Darkclouds at Lot F Gallery will feature paintings in a variety of styles.  These various styles, with the use of the Darkclouds image, have been cycled through and experimented with over the years, but this series will focus more on the original look when the project first began in Boston. Using signs of the same nature and incorporating elements of the first pieces created, it will pay homage to, well, to itself.. several years back.


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