We are proud to open this new year, with an impressive body of work from New York artist, Destroy Rebuild. “RIPavone” will feature a collection of paintings in various mediums, relating to urban decay. Many of these pieces are created in the style that the artist is most known for, in which he layers silk-screened and wheat-pasted city imagery, with a strong focal point often achieved through a half clothed woman or bold text based message. This exhibit will also feature a selection of pieces from a new series of works that the artist is currently exploring.

AVone has often made changes to his name as an artist. Originally known as AVone, then forming a collective titled Destroy Rebuild, and now transitioning to Anthony Vasquez. Working under the title Destroy Rebuild, this exhibit marks the last time that this name will be formally tied to these works.

Anthony is not just dedicated to his craft, he is married to it and really lives it every day. His pieces are based around his life, as he documents his surroundings, interests and feelings. He creates his art in a screen-filled studio in Brooklyn. His mixed media pieces involve a process where he selects and layers images onto the canvas, using various paints and mediums to achieve the desired effect. Silk Screen mixed with other mediums, including acrylics, sprays and collage, Destroy Rebuild creates a re-imagined urban environment. His repetitive use of images compose a distinctive and gritty vision of urban decay.

In the past year, Anthony has been particularly busy, crafting a new body of work as well as working on commissions and gallery exhibitions around the world. He had a solo show at Pulsmacher Gallery in Germany titled “Exploitation of Mistake”. As well as a duo show with artist TMNK in Norway titled “Bastard of the Streets”. He has created and continued to release editioned prints through 1xRUN. Then, in September, the Brooklyn Nets and NBA TV’s “The Association” commissioned him to create a large installation in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

"RIPavone" explores a new body of work while celebrating a masterful command of his iconic New York cityscapes. Lot F Gallery welcomes the return of Destroy Rebuild in an exhibition not to be missed.


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