Non Fiction


Lot F Gallery is pleased to announce Jamie O'Neill's solo show opening Friday October 11th, 2013. Known for his photo realistic paintings, he uses oil, aerosol and other paints to build pieces rich with color that have a 3-dimmensional quality. Non Fiction will be Jamie's second solo show at Lot F Gallery, proceeding his highly successful "Tunnel Vision" in July 2012.


"Be the locale on its last legs, or it just retains the lingering presence of disrepair, I have always been interested in recording the gradual decay of a place that has accumulated years of human inhabitance. I introduce my graffiti into the paintings as a way of claiming that image as my own moment in that place. Drawing on past experiences, I paint subjects I have an intimate relationship with, having personally experienced these perspectives and contexts. In my city space series, I usually don't paint figures into the landscape as a way to simultaneously isolate and engage the viewer.


I wanted to capture that sense of abandonment in a busy location that has closed up shop for the night, while also drawing on the viewer feeling they are in a way the subject of the painting; the stage is set for them. In my train series I enjoy the play of old freight train logos and graffiti pieces on canvas, along with the variety of textures found on a well used piece of metal. My deep knowledge of the subject and acute attention to detail bring these paintings to life, evoking a sense of hyper reality.


Raised on Nantucket and the South Shore, Jamie O’Neill moved to Jamaica Plain in 1998. Spending the next ten years there, he earned his BFA from the Art Institute of Boston, and has shown at various locations around the city. After leaving Boston in 2008 he lived in San Francisco and then Brooklyn. Jamie now resides in Gloucester's Rocky Neck Art Colony with his wife and son."



SHOW RUNS: October 11th --November 1st, 2013

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