Nature Calls

Josh Falk and Cyrille Conan are exhibiting works together at Lot F this May, in Nature Calls. There is a selection of paintings, mixed media pieces and photography from the Boston-based artists. This will include a mural / painting installation that will include current, new work, as well as examples of their past work.

Over the last year, Cyrille has been slowly building an abstract vocabulary. He has developed an interest in deconstructing and reconstructing his previously more representational style of work. Materials and textures are the artist's main focus, as well as an automatic, intuitive, and improvisational process.

“The work I had done in the past had always had a narrative and I have now allowed the narration to be the action of painting itself” says Cyrille “This frees me to work in a manner that is more natural. There is less thinking and more reacting and building. Being in tune with my intuition, keeps me in tune with my rightful place amongst nature“.

Taking a painterly approach to his installation and photography, Josh's work stems from his constant exploration with his best friend, the camera. Purposeful roaming and getting caught in unfamiliar situations brings Falk to a peaceful place where his work is created. Whether it’s traversing a decrepit old building that is nothing more than forgotten or documenting a scrawny sapling squeezing its way through urban sprawl. Falk breaks down his photos into simpler forms, sometimes rebuilding them thereafter, by incorporating spray paint, building techniques, design, and collage. Falk’s work ranges from small photo assemblages to large-scale mixed-media installations.

After a studio visit with Josh, who's work has a strong root in nature, Cyrille and Josh quickly realized the common thread in their work; the result is a celebration of nature. Consider this show a nod to nature and an organic process to keep our peers grounded and to not forget that we all have a common thread.

Nature Calls!


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