Group Show


This November Lot F Gallery presents GROUP SHOW, an exhibition of five artists. AVONE, Damion Silver, Scott Albrecht, Robby Deeker and WOLFTITS, will show a range of works displaying their distinct artistic signatures. GROUP SHOW opens with a reception on Friday, November 22nd from 7 to 11 pm to celebrate. 


A bi-product of one of his own personality flaws, artist Robby Deeker surfaces to paint graffiti when the weather is at its worst. Born in the mountains and nourished on a steady diet of maple syrup and string cheese he paints grim creatures that seem to wallow in the depths of human discomfort, forever dancing happily to the tune of a severely broken drum. His prolific woodcut artwork only enhances the sheer banality and bleak viewpoint that his disturbed characters are trying to convey. Kindness is his kryptonite, constantly attempting to bring down others as he simultaneously stomps on his own ego. He dwells in a pit of confusion and candy wrappers, his focus is skewed to a point of unrecognizable, abnormally directed impulses. Although, despite his deeply flawed interior, he truly hopes you enjoy his artwork and in at attempt at blind recognition shake his uncommonly calloused hand when you meet him.


The Wolf is the greatest creature on the face of this Earth. The She Wolf is the eternal mother of all free creatures and receiving her love is the ultimate blessing. She will care and nurture you. Her fertility will strengthen your sole and heal any hardship. Her teachings sharpen the mind and prepare you for the good fight. WOLFTITS will share her bounty, her instincts and love to all. Even to those that have lost the ability to speak with nature.


Take hold and drink. Suckle the unconditional love that is WOLFTITS.


Scott Albrecht is an artist/designer currently based in Brooklyn, NY. A self-taught woodworker with a passion for hand-drawn typography, Albrecht utilizes classic techniques with contemporary style. Much like the organic line elements of rendering type by hand, Albrecht has found joy in the imperfections that are his own. He is a member of THE GOWANUS STUDIO SPACE and a graduate of The Art Institute of Philadelphia. His work has been exhibited and published Internationally.


Born and raised in Brooklyn, AVONE is the quintessential New York artist. Through his work, AVONE creates a reimagined urban environment wrought with images of a distinctive and gritty vision of decay. The artist’s work is mainly influenced by the city he calls home, as well as abstract expressionist Franz Kline and Andy Goldsworthy, whose work has inspired the Fragmenting of his writing and self-developed textural surfaces. AVONE’s illustrious list of clients includes global cable television network, ESPN, as well as the men’s professional basketball league, the NBA.


Damion Silver is a predominantly self-taught artist, who has developed his skills from trades such as animation inker, cabinetmaking, and foundry work. His latest body of work evolves his collage and assemblage techniques from paper to wood and metal. Utilizing found, made and sometimes liberated materials, Silver draws influence from the decaying urban landscape and a lifetime of skateboarding on the East Coast. Silver's work has been shown from coast to coast, Europe, Japan and Australia. When not working as a design director, he is hanging out with his son and wife.



SHOW RUNS: November 22nd - December 6th, 2013

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