Boston, MA – October 24, 2012 – This November, Lot F Gallery will be rolling out a new exhibition, showcasing recent works from four dynamic, local artists. Adam O'Day, Dave Tree, Elizabeth Kirby Sullivan, and Mike Hammecker are taking part in “FOUR”, which opens Friday, November 2, 2012, with a reception from 7 to 11pm. Together, these four artists' work will create a wide and balanced selection, from silkscreened found objects to canvases with thick layers of paint.

Adam O'Day, paints out of a studio in South Boston's "Distillery", and is known for his surreal interpretations of cityscapes, animals and imaginary landscapes. Using found objects, he creates works on canvas and wood that often feature strong abstract elements. O'Day was born in Murfreesboro, TN and received a BFA in Illustration/Design from The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University in 2005. Since then, he has been furthering his career as an artist, showing in many exhibitions in Massachusetts and New York. When he's not painting, he works for a Navy contractor as an engineer/designer.

Dave Tree creates art in a wide range of mediums, and specializes in photo, silkscreen, music, found object sculpture and propaganda. After attending Framingham State for photojournalism, where he became attached to the darkroom, he moved on to the Museum of Fine Art Boston in 1990. Here, he became increasingly interested in photo found object sculpture, working in many mediums. After graduating, he showed art in galleries all over Massachusetts while also playing music with his highly successful band, TREE. He created the weekly Boston Phoenix, political/satire series, “the Critical i” in 2004 and was also a dj for WBCN 104.1.  Currently, he sings in and runs SuperPower an old school punkrockhardcore band.

Elizabeth Kirby Sullivan's paintings focus on the abstraction of the written language, expressed through layers of colorful shapes. These compositions are heavily influenced by her interest in lettering, as well as her experience writing graffiti. Following her graduation from Pratt Institute, where she earned a BFA in 2010, she has shown work in galleries throughout New England. Currently, she lives in Massachusetts, with her husband and son, where she grew up. Besides for painting, she also works as a floral designer at Flou(-e)r and as a freelance art curator in the area.

Mike Hammecker's work has a range of style and mediums, from small figure paintings on paint chip samples, to large abstract murals. His current body of work infuses abstract and realistic elements, such as patterns, architecture and characters. Many of these elements are applied with pencil and acrylic to found mechanical drawings in a way that makes the real blueprints seem abstract themselves.  He now lives in Boston, where he has been since, and works as a writer for the Boston Herald. In his down time, he curates art shows, skateboards and plays soccer.


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