Boston And Beyond


Lot F Gallery is pleased to present Boston and Beyond, recent works by local artist Percy Fortini-Wright. Percy has been cultivating his craft for over two decades, painting both abstract and representational works. Percy uses cityscapes to capture an impressionistic vision using the atmospheric quality of spray paint and classical brush painting techniques. His unique intersection of abstraction and realism, spray paint and oil, create masterful works that challenge the standards of subject and technique. His application of mediums is often contradictory of their typical use, with pieces like portraits from sprays and backgrounds and hand styles with oils.. 

In what will be his second solo exhibition at the gallery, Percy continues his study of the urban environment. Ranging from abstracts to cityscapes, the subject matter is derived from Percy’s everyday observation and memory. His use of the Boston skyline allows him to “capture the depth and angularity of the urban environment. His other works include, “…strange ‘HUE man’ characters that look otherworldly with vivid colors, realistic forms, with attitude almost becoming an alter ego of the self, dealing with ideas of multiculturalism, and otherness through portraiture”. He paints these faces with the speed and accuracy cultivated from years of writing graffiti, and ‘being a karate ninja’. He believes the deconstruction and reconstruction of his forms is emblematic of life itself.

Percy has exhibited with Lot F Gallery a number of times in the past, assisting in the curation of group exhibitions, as well as a solo-exhibition titled “The Awakening”, which opened on 11/11/11. Recently inducted into The Copley Society of Art, and showing in the 2014 New Members Exhibition, Percy’s work has continued to progress. He also included works in Parlor Gallery’s recent exhibition, juried by Jonathan Levine of Jonathan Levine Gallery. Prior to receiving his MFA and BFA at the Art Institute of Boston, he wrote graffiti in his youth. During the late 90s he was at his peak, becoming a “technician” of handstyles at night while painting more classical works in the day. Mother Nature’s powerful and destructive beauty is his main inspiration.

Opening Reception: Friday, May 9th from 7 to 11 pm.

Show in Gallery: May 9th - June 28, 2014

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