Boston, MA – April 18, 2012 - Bits; a study of the smaller things in life. Featuring the works of Bob Conge, Todd Robertson and William Long; Bits will be comprised of mixed media paintings, collage, prints, sculpture and toys. The idea that everything in our world is made from many components is the basis for the show. These everyday components align and form themselves into bigger and most times different forms. For example our bodies are comprised from cells, although the human body does not resemble a cell. Bits will also examine individual toys and how they group together to form a collection.

While it has been some 4000 years in the mak¬ing, if you believe the backstory, PLASEEBO was finally founded in 2004 as a shop dedicated to creating unique one of a kind collectable figures and Ultra Limited editions. “I remember, as a young boy, my most prized possession being a small box in which I kept colorful or uniquely shaped stones, butterfly wings, bird’s feet, dried flowers, a skull I had carved from wood, a small red plastic A-Bomb, and a wavewashed piece of deep blue glass. This first collection was a micro cosmos of my world at that time.” says Bob Conge of Plaseebo. Whatever the direc¬tion or medium of expression, the drive is to bring to life a personal vision in the form of a new figure, hence the tag line, “PLASEEBO / its not what you think”.

Todd Robertson grew up around toys from birth, having a father that was an avid toy collector and hobbyist. Todd has developed various multimedia techniques on canvas, which he later applied to sculpture and toys. Discovering the collectable toy industry combined with his love for robots led to the development of the ‘mecha’ style he uses today. Todd approaches the mecha concept as if it was a virus encapsulating each individual piece. It might be an arm, a leg or half a face, the mecha virus can be manipulated endlessly. Lately Todd has focused on Kaiju Toys, incorporating the Mecha Virus, airbrush paints and sculpting.

William Long graduated from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in 2009, and currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts. He comes from a family of artists and musicians. With an interdisciplinary approach Will expresses romanticism of the urban landscape. Charged explosions of energy and speed creates context for his works. He organizes and selects his materials and mediums, building and layering to create details that pull the viewer in. Will creates relationships between inside and outside spaces, alluding to motion in space. Join us for the opening reception at to view these artists Bits, as a whole.


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