Brother From Another Mother Part 2

Boston, MA – March 28, 2012 - After the successful debut of  “Brother From Another Mother” at Lot F Gallery in 2011, Boston-based artists Dana Woulfe and Kenji Nakayama are back with a follow-up, joint exhibition this April.  Brother From Another Mother Pt. 2, opens on Friday, April 6th and will feature the duo's recent collaborative and solo paintings.   Kenji and Dana are studio mates at South Boston's Distillery artists complex as well as members of the artist collaborative, Project SF.  This show will juxtapose their divergent styles, highlighting Dana’s abstract work and Kenji’s precise and sometimes representational compositions.

Raised in Rhode Island, Dana Woulfe was inspired by his grandmother, Betty Jehan, a RISD graduate and life long artist.  In the mid 90's, while attending Mass College of Art, Woulfe became interested in graffiti, which has greatly influenced his current style.  Using aerosols, oil paint and collage, he develops crisp, rich color palettes and dynamic compositions.  Recently, Woulfe has been pushing the boundaries of his abstract work, most notably in the collaborative experiment “MetalWoulfe “with fellow artist Stephen Holding (aka Metal Wing). Their series of abstract murals culminated in an appearance at Art Basel 2011 in Miami where they painted several impressive pieces. This experience has shaped a new body of work, which he will debut at Brother From Another Mother Pt. 2.

Born in Japan, Kenji Nakayama had been an engineer at Toyota, before moving to Boston in 2004 to pursue a career in the arts.  He attended Butera School of Art, with a focus on sign painting, where he also became interested in hand-cut stenciling.  He brings discipline and precision to his artwork, which he partially attributes to his previous position as an engineer.  Now, Nakayama is still painting signs, but also pin striping and painting lettering on everyday objects, such as antique hand tools.  He is also known for making photo-realistic cityscapes with layers of intricate, hand-cut stencils on canvas and wood.  His first major Manhattan solo-show is slated to open in May 2012, at Woodward Gallery on the Lower East Side.

Brother From Another Mother Pt. 2 consists of a range of new work, including some new collaborations between the two artists, some stencil and sign work from Nakayama and a large new body of work from Woulfe. The opening reception is on Friday, April 6th from 7:00PM to 11:00pm at Lot F Gallery and is free and open to the public.  We invite the viewer to celebrate these two artists and experience their progression first hand.

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