Art Cheats

"Having worked alongside many studio artists I have found that many of them complain about the kind of things graffiti artists rarely have to worry about. Space, time, and money are blanket issues for most but major complaints seem to be storage, exposure and credibility. I have always wondered how an artist could confine themselves to a box just painting and painting just so those works can stack up to be seen by a only a select few of their peers, hoping someone out there will be kind enough to show the work in a gallery.

The street artist doesn't need to worry about these issues because we make sure exposure is job 1, putting ourselves out there in your face. Our best works, our worst works. Our triumphs and failures, all freed to be exposed to the elements and open to the criticisms of anybody who happens upon it. From there we just let what happens happen but making sure to always stay busy.

Many studio artists I have met cringe a little and snarl with disapproval for how we make and show our work, while some understand fully and embrace the difference in artistic thinking. Still, some seem to feel we have jumped the line, and have cheated at the art game. But if one will contend that our passions are only a game, we may as well play along. Monopoly was always more fun when you cheated, and besides, this whole machine is a mess anyways.

Sincerely, The Art Cheats."

Show Runs
June 28th – July 31st 2013


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